Future of Waterman's Art's Centre Uncertain

After Council slashes £60,000 from their grant

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Labour Councillors Ruth Cadbury and Matt Harmer reacted with fury to the Tory ICG decision to slash £60,000 from the Watermans Arts Centre grant, with just one week’s notice.

The cut was made as part of Hounslow Council's budget forced through on Tuesday night.

Cllr Matt Harmer said "a cut of this magnitude threatens the
very existence of the Arts Centre and puts its valuable community work and outstanding arts provision in jeopardy."

Cllr Ruth Cadbury added "A cut of this size is totally unacceptable. What makes it worse is that the Centre was only given a week¹s notice of the cut. How can the Tory/ICG Council expect Watermans to cope with such a huge cut
at such short notice?"

Watermans Arts Centre has earned plaudits across London for its multi-cultural arts line-up, as well as its valuable work with young people throughout the borough.

We are awaiting comment on this cut from a member of their management team.

March 8, 2007