Crackdown on illegal sale of cars in Acton

Horn Lane cleared of 16 vehicles in the last fortnight

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Following a number of complaints from local residents, Ealing Council have removed 16 vehicles from Horn Lane, which were advertised for sale illegally. The Council also removed vehicles in Southall and Ealing as part of the same operation.


Under the London Local Authorities Act 1990 it is an offence to advertise a car for sale on the public highway, and in October 2004 the council gained the power to remove any nuisance vehicles as part of Operation Scrap-It. All operations are carried out in partnership with the police and the DVLA who are also on the look out for untaxed vehicles.


Carl Morlese, enforcement manager at Ealing Council said:


"Residents often complain that cars for sale are clogging up our streets but many people are not aware that it is illegal to try to sell your car on the public highway. Part of the work of enforcement officers is to ensure that people understand the law with respect to this.


"However, there are also people who choose to ignore the laws for their own benefit, and it is these persistent offenders who will find themselves in court thanks to our operations across the borough."


Following recent operations the council has begun legal proceedings against one repeat offender. In order to have their cars returned, all of the other car owners have signed a two year formal caution which states that they understand that they have committed an offence. If they should reoffend within that time period, they too will end up in court.


Operations will continue throughout the borough in the coming months.


February 7th, 2005