Design Trends � Spring 2005

Not for the faint hearted�.

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Black Walls. No longer just the preserve of angst � ridden teenagers, holed up in their room and listening to The Cure albums�.


Walls are now the superstars of interior decoration trends; whether it's the chimney breast painted in a contrast colour, one wall papered in a designer retro pattern or a whole room committed to a bold colour scheme. The easiest and cheapest way to make a design statement is to transform your walls.


The most radical of the colour statements in a room is black. Not for the faint hearted and not for a room in everyday use perhaps a dining room is a safe place to experiment.


interior designsIf black is too stark for you, choose other deep, moody colours such as deep olive or charcoal grey. The key to this look is contrast with crisp white, ecru or bone. The graphic contrasts make the boldest statement in this monochromatic scheme.


And who knows, maybe that teenager may decide to make a radical statement of protest against his parents' taste and paint his bedroom magnolia��!



Courtesy: You Magazine

April 13, 2005