More Details of Crossrail Emerge

Question mark over funding but detailed planning continues


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Although question marks remain about Crossrail ever getting the £10 billion funding which will allow it to proceed, detailed planning for the scheme is continuing.

In its formal response to Crossrail�s recent Benchmark Scheme consultation, Hounslow Council has given its support for the scheme but has urged Crossrail to consider a number of issues and proposed improvements.

The Council has requested consideration to be given to providing an additional entry point to the proposed Turnham Green interchange station, at Fishers Lane. Given the length of the proposed Crossrail platforms, a Fishers Lane entry would reduce the walking distance to the station for residents of the Acton Green area and relieve some pressure on Turnham Green Terrace, which could face even more congestion if the new station is built there.

The Council is also urging Crossrail to lobby for the introduction of a Piccadilly line service at Turnham Green. Hounslow�s head of transport Chris Calvi-Freeman said, "there are encouraging signs that London Underground/Transport for London is taking a fresh look at the option of adding Turnham Green as a permanent Piccadilly Line stop."

The Council has also suggested that a shoppers� car-park could be situated under Chiswick Common with access/egress at one end or the other, or both. Chris Calvi-Freeman commented that the proposed station includes a large void just below ground level that appeared ideal for use as a car park, which would be welcomed by the local business community and would appear to be able to be achieved at relatively small additional cost when the station is constructed.

Hounslow Council has joined with Richmond in expressing concern about the closure of the Richmond branch of the District Line. They have asked to be assured that all Crossrail information and ticketing systems will be fully compatible with the Underground network to allow passengers to transfer to and from the Underground at Turnham Green without penalty.
The Council originally suggested that there should be a spur linking the Crossrail network with the Hounslow Loop, to provide Crossrail services to Brentford, Hounslow and Feltham. The Council has offered to provide details of potential patronage and the effect of Crossrail on regeneration and economic growth along the Hounslow loop.

Recent discussion has indicated that Crossrail would be prepared to undertake a preliminary engineering assessment to establish the costs and technical feasibility of a link between Turnham Green station and the Hounslow Loop east of Brentford station This could be feasible by way of an underground junction immediately west of the proposed Turnham Green platforms, with tracks continuing in tunnelled form under the Richmond Line then passing under Chiswick Business Park and linking to the freight spur northeast of Gunnersbury Avenue. Such alignment offers the possibility of basing a tunnel worksite at the back of Chiswick Business Park (prior to the eventual development of buildings at that location) and the possible option of removal of extracted materials by rail instead of road. Besides connecting the Hounslow Loop to the Chiswick tunnel, this option would achieve a station under Chiswick Business Park, where it would be of direct benefit to many of the 10,000 people who will work at this location when the park is completed.

Another option would be to create the necessary track connections at Old Oak Common and run Crossrail trains to Hounslow/Feltham via the North London Line, with additional stations at Chiswick Business Park and at the proposed site of the new Brentford football stadium at Lionel Road. This route could also serve the existing Acton Central station. This would provide six trains per hour to Hounslow in addition to the proposed Heathrow and Richmond services, utilising trains that would otherwise run no further west than Paddington under Crossrail�s benchmark proposals.

There is a 24 hour seven day a week Crossrail helpline on 0845 602 3813 and an e-mail address as well as a web site which contains background information about the project.

January 29, 2004