Anti-Semitism Complaint Against Rupa Huq Dismissed

Panel including independent barrister found insufficient evidence

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A complaint against Rupa Huq, the Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton by former staff has been dismissed due to lack of evidence.

She had been accused of anti-Semitism by two ex-employees of the party who worked at her office until earlier this year.

A formal complaint was made to the Labour party which launched an official investigation. A panel, advised by an independent barrister, determined that there was insufficient evidence of a potential breach of the Party’s rule book.

One of the complainants had submitted a 2,000 word dossier including a report that the MP had questioned him about why a Star of David was on his satchel and that a policy briefing he had written was to ‘pro-Israel’.

A second complainant also claims that when the first was off work sick, Dr Huq took a 'no tolerance for anti-Semitism' poster and threw it on the floor, saying it wasn't needed anymore.

Dr Huq had been until recently, a member of the Labour Friends of Israel which she joined the year after she was first elected and she has described herself as a ‘critical friend’ of the country. In 2015 she signed a document entitled ‘We Believe in Israel’ which opposed boycotting Israeli goods, divestment and sanction and endorsed Israel’s right to exist. She says she left Labour Friends of Israel after Joan Ryan MP remained in its place as its head after leaving the party for the Independent Group and also because she had become uncomfortable with positions being taken by the group on certain issues.

Following the dismissal of the complaints against her she said, “I'm naturally pleased that the panel, which is advised by an independent barrister, reached this decision.

"The rise in antisemitism both across the world and in U.K. society is deeply troubling and I am absolutely committed to standing with our Jewish brothers and sisters and working to tackle this prejudice within our Party and wider society.

"I will also continue to focus on representing everyone in Ealing and Acton as well as my bit of Chiswick as their MP since 2015.

"We need to get the threat of a No Deal Brexit off the table and once that's done, we will relish the opportunity of a General Election so we can get rid of the Tories, end austerity and invest in our NHS, our public services and our communities."

June 9, 2019

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