Lib Dems Ask for Council Measures on Ealing Homes

Asking for involvement of residents with management


Gary Malcolm, new leader of Ealing Lib Dems (left) with out-going leader Harvey Rose

Ealing Liberal Democrats

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 In an important debate tonight at Ealing Council, Liberal Democrat Leader Councillor Gary Malcolm will try to persuade the Council to not just take Ealing Homes ‘in house’ but to ensure that residents are involved with its management.

Ealing Homes has been terribly managed by the Council over the past four years. Many residents in Southfield such as those on Southfield Road and on the Beaconsfield estate, suffer from a lack of repairs, being overcharged for works, and receiving a poor level of communication from Ealing Homes.

Councillor Gary Malcolm said: “The Liberal Democrats want to see the housing in Ealing improved dramatically in the next four years. To do that will mean a focussed effort and to involve tenants and leaseholders in the management regime. This way every party will be more motivated to succeeding instead of looking to make profits for themselves.”






May 18, 2010