Bassam Mahfouz States Political Ambition

Asks for votes so he can become 'first Arab MP'

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Bassam Mahfouz - parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central and Acton
Bassam Mahfouz

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Bassam Mahfouz has made a brief appearance in Andrew Pierce's Daily Mail political gossip column.

The snippet, under the heading 'Gaffe of the Day' describes how the Labour parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central and Acton "tried to ingratiate himself at a dinner for the UK's Lebanese community by urging them to vote for him so he could become 'the first Arab MP'.

"Hushed silence followed before a high-profile Lebanese politician stood up and said: 'We are not Arabs. We are Lebanese.' "

We asked Bassam to comment and he remarked: "Conservatives attending the dinner were offered the opportunity to speak at the event, which they declined.

"I was speaking to encourage people at the event to get involved in the forthcoming election.  During my speech there were absolutely no heckles  and when I suggested that I would be the first British MP of Lebanese and Arab origin there was actually a round of applause.  

"It's disappointing that Tories have to stoop to such untruths when they haven't got the balls to stand up and speak in front of the public.  I received nothing but support from around the room. Perhaps it's time for the Tories to come from behind the shadows of negative spin and offer some actual substance."



April 15, 2010