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NHS in London supporting Mental Health Awareness week

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It's Mental Health Awareness Week (14 - 20 May) and the NHS in London is focusing on how talking therapies can help help people who may be feeling stressed or generally low.

Talking to a therapist or undergoing self-help courses can help people learn new ways to help themselves feel more able to cope with their problems.

A recent user of talking therapies support said, “I was really struggling and never thought I needed intervention, support or treatment. But after a suggestion from my GP to try talking therapies, I decided I had nothing to lose.

“Since undergoing therapy my life has completely changed. My experiences with my difficulties have shifted my perspective and I do not find my situation unbearable anymore.

“With the help of my therapist, I have managed to set realistic goals, and keep to them, despite setbacks.”

Talking therapies services are easy to access through self-referral or GP referral and they are available across all North West London boroughs. To find out more, contact the relevant service for your borough: Ealing: 020 3313 566

14 May 2018

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