"Bin the Bureacracy Day" for Ealing Borough

Unwanted and irrelevant paperwork to be shredded

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Ealing Police are binning bureaucracy this Friday.

To boost efficiency Ealing Police officers and staff are being encouraged to empty drawers, shelves and filling cabinets of all unwanted, irrelevant paperwork and duplicated policies.

All old borough-based policing policies, action plans and unnecessary paperwork will be shredded in three backyards of the three main stations in Ealing, Acton and Southall.

The aim is to ditch the old practices of micro analysis and unnecessary paperwork in a bid to clear bureaucratic blockages to the policing system.  It is hoped that this will take Ealing Borough police back to the basics of policing, serving the community and working more efficiently with their partnership agencies.

The 'bin the bureaucracy' day is the idea of the new borough commander Andy Rowell, newly appointed in July.   

Andy Rowell said: “Its time for us to move forward in borough policing and deal effectively with the real crime issues that face the people of Ealing.

"Policing is not about unnecessary paperwork, it’s about getting back to the basics of policing, by freeing up officers' time to focus on the things that matter.”    


September 7, 2010