Southfield Ward Police Panel Meeting

Cllr Gary Malcolm summarises discussion and action points

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In an emergency, always dial 999.

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The Southfield Ward Police Panel meeting held last week was attended by the Police Sergeant Helene Holloway and her team; a number of elected residents in Southfield, myself and one of the Park Rangers.

Cllr Gary Malcolm has listed below some points that arose from the meeting -

• Three Priorities: were reviewed and set: Burglary, Motor Vehicle Crime and Anti Social Behaviour. Before the meeting I raised the issues of gangs in and around Carlton Road (the police are investigating this now); since the meeting concerns of residents in Wilkinson Way, W4 (groups of people late at night threatening or causing noise/disturbance) have been raised. Police confirmed that they will visit the area and speak to residents to gain intelligence on this matter.

• Burglary: The last burglary initiative was a great success and will occur again. Basically the police team went to areas which had been or were likely to be a victim of burglary and then gave advice on reducing crime and also signed up two people to be a part of the growing Neighbourhood Watch – PCSO Rene Biro has spent a lot of time on this and has been a real success – 10/10 if I could give marks. Perhaps you could advertise the FREE service the police offer – a crime survey (takes ten minutes and they visit your home and assess any weak points and offer advice).

• Motor Vehicle Crime: It was felt that a number of residents are still leaving property in their vehicles. By checking our crime database, a large amount of victims are leaving electrical items in their vehicles (believing to have hidden them in the glove box, boot, under a seat). As discussed, there is a devise that can detect computers, sat navs, the police advise people to remove ALL items from within vehicles.

Cllr Gary Malcolm said, “The regular meetings with the local Southfield police team are very helpful. Burglary, motor crime and anti-social behaviour are the three priority area for the next couple of months. If any resident has any issues they are concerned of they can contact me and I will speak to the police and the council to get things fixed.”

May 6, 2009