Ealing Mother 'Offered Baby for Martyrdom'

Court hears claim that woman supported husband's bomb plot

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A husband and wife from Ealing are currently appearing at the Old Bailey accused of planning a terrorist atrocity.

Yassin Nassari, aged 28, and his 24 year old wife, Bouchra El-Hor, were arrested after arriving at Luton Airport from Holland on an Easyjet flight on May 30th 2006. She was initially released but then was re-interviewed and charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. She has dual Dutch and Syrian nationality and appeared in court wearing a burka which covered her eyes and hands.

Nassari was found to be in possessions of blueprints for missiles and an examination of his computer revealed documents which the prosecution are claiming that showed his intent to carry out a terrorist attack. It is believed that the plans showed a scheme to shoot down passenger airplanes using long range rockets. The court heard how Nassari, who was born in London and lived in Ealing, had previously been a friendly popular man who had worn western clothes. In 2001 he enrolled on a science course at the University of Westminster but disappeared for two years. On his return he was wearing traditional Islamic clothing and told people that he was head of the Islamic Society at the Harrow campus. He did not obtain a degree. The prosecution claim that he had become radicalised.

The Court was told how his wife had actively encouraged him to engage in violent jihad and had pledged their child, who at the time was five months old, to martyrdom in a letter that was found in his possession when he was arrested.

The letter, which was read out in Court stated, "The moment has come that you and I have to separate for the sake of Allah. I am so proud of my husband. I am happy that Allah has granted you the chance to be a martyr. I am writing to let you know that you have my support and to remind you to be strong and do not let Satan influence you... to remind you that jihad is now compulsory and we are now obligated to protect Islam, to help our brothers and sisters to fight the kuffar [non-believer]. I really wish I could go with you because I too feel obligated. I'd like to participate in any way I can. Everything happens with the will of Allah. Maybe one day I can follow you. If I can't, I will send our son to you so he can follow his father's footsteps."

She denies the charge of failing to disclose information about acts of terrorism. The defence have said the plans and the letter were a fantasy and there were no actual plans to carry out any terrorist attack.

The trial continues.

May 31, 2007