"Stirling Road Is For Residents of All West London Authorities"

Council reassurance after residents using facility are questioned

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Acton  Re-use and Recycling Centre, Stirling Road, W3 8DJ
Tel: (020) 8993 7580

Opening times: Mon-Sun, 8am–5pm (between 1 April-30 September) and 8am–4pm (between 1 October-31 March).

The centre is open all year round except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Only cars are allowed onto this site and no commercial waste is accepted. 

For further details, click here

Council's Carton Collection Kicks Off


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A local resident faced questioning this week when she tried to dispose of some unwanted household objects at the Stirling Road Re-Use and Recycling Centre.

A member of staff at the centre asked her for her postcode and which borough she lived in. She was told that the site had been taken over by a new firm and that people may not be allowed to use the site if can't prove they live in the borough of Ealing.

If this plan went ahead, it would make life difficult for the large number of Chiswick residents who do not live in Ealing Borough and for whom Stirling Road is their closest facility.

Further questioning at Stirling Road revealed that a company had been carrying out a survey on behalf of Ealing Council over the past few weeks.

The facility was previously run by ECT before Ealing Council took over. In recent months ownership has been passed to a company called May Gurney.

A spokesperson for Ealing Council said, "Residents from other West London authorities can use our sites."

"We will make sure the staff at the sites are reminded of this." she added.


December 11, 2009