Doubts Raised Over Rent Scandal Staff

Council Leader asks 'significant questions' over sacked trio

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Ealing Council


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The controversial issue of the housing of a family by Ealing Council in an Acton House for a monthly rent of £12,000 has reared its head again after the leader of the Council appeared to suggested that 'significant questions' needed to be asked about the staff involved.

Choosing his words carefully Jason Stacey told this week's Council meeting that there had been doubts about the actions of the three members of staff after the story broke in the national press.

Mr. Stacey said the former Acting Housing Initiatives Manager failed to answer questions about the series of events leading to the determination of rent for the property in Acton. He also claims that council officers observed members of the team taking files and papers from their office which had to be taken back from them as they were escorted from the building. In addition it is now being alleged that a significant number of e-mails relating to the case were deleted on the day that the staff were asked to leave.

This seems to contradict earlier information from the Council which portrayed the removal of the three staff as a routine reorganisation in the department.

Mr. Lewis, one of the staff members involved has reportedly described the Council Leader's claims as 'complete fabrication' and has denied that he or his colleagues did anything wrong. He is still considering taking legal action against his dismissal from Ealing Council.


October 24, 2008