Find Your Dream Job

Collection of true stories about ordinary people's success

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Local authors Sarah Wade and Carole Ann Rice have recently had their first book, Find Your Dream Job, published.

The book is a collection of true stories about ordinary people who succeeded in changing from a job they loathed to a job they love. Adversity became a spur, redundancy an opportunity. Is it possible to find your dream job in a recession and if so, how?

The book sets out to be an inspirational insight into those who've done it - as well as providing practical help. I was fascinated by the process of HOW exactly people went about change - and I noticed other people were too.

In her Career Coaching Boot Camp tips at the end of each chapter, co-author Carole Ann Rice provides top tips to finding the right job for you - even in a recession.

Story example: Andy faced redundancy from his job and regular income as an auditor but followed his life's passion to become a successful freelance food writer.

Georgina's life 'changed in an hour' when her husband walked out. With bills to pay, being an unambitious housewife was no longer an option. She's now running her own music company 'and earns more than I ever dreamed of'.

When Chris faced redundancy out of the blue and a long term relationship ended he felt like going into meltdown. He turned his situation round, started training and cycled from Bewdley, Worcestershire to...Beijing. It was the best adventure of his life 'so far!'

Sarah Wade began her working life cleaning men's toilets. A stint TEFL teaching abroad introduced her to the World Service and laid the foundations for a career in radio back in the UK. Now she is a BBC Producer and recently her search for stories has spilled into a spare-time obsession talking to ordinary people who have gone to extraordinary lengths to find work that they love. "When I hear about transitions from an unutterably dull job to something great I become obsessed with finding out how they did it - I am fascinated by the process of change."

Carole Ann Rice is a high profile journalist and life coach who has written for many of the nationals. She has had more than her share of dead end jobs from door to door selling to death by admin.

July 8, 2009