More information on the tram, please

Save Ealing's Streets call for detailed studies to be made public

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Save Ealing's Streets

Contact details of key figures:
Tim Jones, Project Director,

Councillor John Cudmore (leader)

Save Ealing Streets say:

"The pressure group Save Ealing's Streets has used the new Freedom of Information Act to ask Transport for London to disclose further details about its plans for the West London Tram.

In a letter to Tim Jones, project manager for the tram, SES makes eight specific requests for information. These include:

* full details of the studies that examine transport problems in West London

* an explanation of how TfL has reached its forecasts for the number of passengers the tram will attract

* a breakdown of the capital cost estimates for the scheme

* details of the money already spent on the scheme, and the latest estimate for project development costs

* an explanation of the claim that passengers will benefit by £609 million

�Although the public consultation has finished, a lot of important information about the tram scheme has not been made available,� says Anthony Lewis of SES. �Over the last two years we have asked TfL many questions it has not answered. We believe that some of the answers exist in public documents and as the Freedom of Information Act came into force this month this information should now be in the public domain.

�We're not asking for opinion, but for facts that have formed the basis for decisions. We don't believe the proposed scheme is the right one for West London � that's why it's in the public interest to ask for more information about how TfL has reached its conclusions.�

Since SES was formed in 2002 it has opposed the diversion of traffic into residential streets that will occur if the West London Tram goes ahead and takes precedence over traffic on the A4020 between Uxbridge and Shepherd's Bush. Last year it voiced its opposition to TfL's latest plan for the tram, which it believes will have a serious adverse impacts for many local residents and business people

January 10, 2005