TfL accused of conspiracy over tram consultation

Claim that only 40% of homes on the route are receiving forms

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Contact details of key figures:
Tim Jones, Project Director,

Transport for London have been accused of conspiring to fix the results of the ongoing consultation on the West London Tram in a newspaper report.

The Ealing Gazette made a random telephone survey of 120 homes along the route. They say that only 40% of those questioned had received the consultation forms. Transport for London are spending £1 million on a consultation exercise which is meant to give all households likely to be affected by the route a chance to have their say. They claim that previous consultations show overwhelming support for the scheme but an early telephone poll by the Ealing Gazette suggested that 90% of residents were against it.

The suggestion is that Transport for London is limiting the amount of forms it is sending to homes closer to the route but sending more to boroughs such as Richmond and Brent where people, being less familiar with the particulars of the scheme, are believed to be more likely to have a positive view.

The Mayor has said that the project would not proceed if the consultation showed widespread opposition to the scheme. The concern of the opponents of the scheme is that Transport for London is aiming to avoid a negative outcome to the consultation at all costs.

Ealing Borough Councillor, Harvey Rose had already criticised the way the consultation on the project had been handled so far saying that the information released by TfL was aiming to sell the scheme to residents rather than give them the information they need to make an informed decision.

Transport for London have not responded to our request for comment on the matter.

If you haven't received your consultation forms you can make your views on the project known on-line by clicking on the link above.

August 6, 2004