Infections at West Mid Fall

New disinfectant products proving successful

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West Middlesex University Hospital’s ongoing fight against healthcare associated infections, took another step in the right direction this week. In September 2007, the hospital introduced ChloraPrep, a special disinfectant to clean the skin prior to giving injections, taking blood or inserting cannulas for drips. This helps reduce infections, in line with the recommendations made by the Department of Health. Staff were trained to use the product at the time of its introduction. A refresher course is being run currently to ensure all doctors and nurses have the most up to date training possible.

ChloraPrep is designed to work against skin organisms such as MRSA. The gentle friction scrub significantly reduces bacteria, preventing it from entering the body when an injection is inserted.

The latest report release by the Department of Health shows that infection rates for MRSA have continued to fall at West Middlesex University Hospital over the first six months of 2008

The number of MRSA bacteraemia infections fell by 37.5% per cent for the January 2008 and June 2008 period, to a total of 10 cases, compared to 16 cases in the same period in 2007.

The hospital has a continuing programme of infection prevention and control with the aim of reducing the number of healthcare associated infections at the hospital. Over the last year the infection control team has expanded and the hospital has put in place many measures to help in the fight against infections, including the introduction of anti-bacterial uniforms for all junior doctors, a strict ‘bare below the elbow’ dress code policy and hand hygiene stations placed at the entrances to all wards and clinics, as well as in public areas such as the main atrium and restaurant. Wards and the Accident and Emergency department have large floor stickers at their entrances, reminding staff and visitors to clean their hands.

October 9, 2008