Get Through Christmas Without Putting On A Pound!

Apparently it can be done according to Urban Vitality Company

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So, the party season is approaching and you are getting ready for the marathon of social events that will be coming your way in the next few weeks!

The only problem is that you have worked so hard to get your self into shape since the summer blowout and you don’t know how you can maintain it during the party season?

Well, you are not alone! Recent statistics showed that, on average, people gain nearly 5lbs over the winter party season so acknowledge that this IS a challenging period of the year and apply the following Party Tips!

Pre Eat
If you are going to a party straight after work, have a small snack, like a yoghurt or some nuts and raisins. Try and include protein and small amounts of unsaturated fats in your pre meal snack. These will fill you up and reduce the likelihood of you eating or drinking excessively at the actually function.

Be Selective
Studies show that the greater the choice of food on offer the more calories we tend to consume. So rather than having a little bit of everything, stick to a couple of smart choices. Water, Greek yoghurt, fruit and small amounts of unsalted nuts and dried fruit are great Christmas snacks.

A drink isn’t just a drink
Whilst alcohol does have a high calorie content (click here to see how much) the after affects are much more damaging. The toxic nature of alcohol allied to the affects of a late night will heighten your cravings the next day and probably lead to MORE bad eating habits! Be aware that those extra drinks could cause you to consume up to 1000 extra calories the next day in cravings and unhealthy snacks!

As well as making a huge difference to stress levels at this time of year exercise can also allow you to enjoy a little more Christmas day excess without the side affects! About ten years ago most families would all go for a walk after christmas lunch. Now they all watch TV!

Exercising after your Christmas lunch can stabilize blood sugar levels, and getting a decent workout on Boxing day can make a huge difference to your post christmas waist size.

The Boxing day workout is especially important since all those extra calories will turn to fat if they are not burnt off quickly! The Boxing day workout is normally one of my favorites since your body can USE all that extra energy (glycogen) rather than letting it turn into fat the next day!

Celebrate in style
At the end of the day the festive season is all about celebration and sharing so go for quality not quantity with as much of it as you can. Better booze not more booze, better food not more food, better parties not more parties. Be selective and work out what you really want from the Christmas season and you won’t miss out!



December 8, 2008