Turnham Green refurbishment proves headache for local residents

'Excessive volume' used by Tube station's new pa system 

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The recently complete refurbishment of Turnham Green tube station has proved a real headache for local residents in more ways than one.

Sydney Duffy, who lives in one of the roads close to the station told chiswickw4.com "The most significant factor for many in the surrounding streets is the excessive volume of the announcements, made worse by the existence of a two speakers on every post on the station."

He continued "Many residents can hear announcements a good few houses away from the station with the windows closed. Now that warmer weather is approaching and people open their windows for ventilation, many more people will be affected by the blight of these loud announcements all day and night from the tube station. Forget about the noisy neighbour with the Hi-Fi, this is even worse."

The problem is not an entirely new one although it is one that became more noticeable around four weeks ago.

"The announcements do not need to be so loud with so many speakers now being present and complaints to TFL have gone unanswered or result in the volume decreasing for a few hours."

Mr Duffy's complaint, which he has reported via the TFl complaints page on their website, still remain answered as has our request for comment.


May 5, 2006