Free Dial–a–Ride for Disabled and Older Residents

Ann Keen MP welcomes fare abolition on "vital lifeline"

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From 1 January, Dial-a-Ride, a door-to-door transport service provided by Transport for London for older and disabled people who cannot use buses, trains and the Tube and is now free.

Transport for London provide the service as a vital lifeline for those residents who struggle with public transport ensuring as much of the capital is open to them as possible.

Local MP, Ann Keen said "Many older residents are denied the opportunities our area offers because they cannot easily use the available transport. We take these services for granted so I am delighted Dial–a–Ride will allow these residents the same opportunities.

"The service is also extended to carers to accompany patrons which is especially important for disabled service users."

Mayor Ken Livingstone announced that he would be abolishing Dial-a-Ride door-to-door fares for older and disabled Londoners at Disability Capital - the UK's largest conference for Deaf and disabled people in London - last October.


January 10, 2008