Council Urged to Sell Fountains Leisure Centre

Brentford FC want new 'community' stadium on the site

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Councillors are being asked by Brentford Football Club to consider the sale of the Fountains Leisure in order to provide funds for the development of a new ground for the club.

Relegation threatened Brentford have already committed to sell their Griffin Park ground but need to find a new permanent home as part of the conditions. They were hoping to acquire a site behind the leisure centre on Lionel Road which is currently owned by the Strategic Rail Authority. Council taxpayers have a stake in the survival of the football club after the last administration advanced £500,000 to Brentford FC to help stave off administration.

Brian Burgess, Chairman of the Bees United group which trust owned by the club's supporters, made a presentation to a recent meeting of the Chiswick Area Committee proposing the sale of the Leisure Centre to allow the site of the stadium to be increased and include a hotel, conference facilities and a replacement for the existing pool and leisure facilities. The site would run along the stretch of Chiswick High Road between Kew Bridge Station and Chiswick Roundabout. A similar proposal was first made in 2002 but the presentation of plans to local councillors has led to speculation that more definite plans are being made this time including the acquisition of the site.

The proposals may prove attractive to the Council as the Leisure Centre is in need of an expensive overhaul and the design is reported to be very energy inefficient leading to large heating bills. However one Chiswick Councillor, Adrian Lee, raised concerns about 'Chelsea Headhunters' on Chiswick High Road on a Saturday afternoon.

March 29, 2007