Latymer Upper celebrates impressive results

School achieves second best ever performance

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Latymer Upper School

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Pupils at Latymer Upper School are celebrating another year of impressive exam results. The AS results achieved by the Lower Sixth students are the best in the school’s history, and the A Level and GCSE results are the second best ever recorded at the school.

This year, 54% of the A Levels passed by Latymer students were graded A and 81% either A or B. This was down on last year's exceptional level of 87% for top grade results. A Level results at the school had improved for six years prior to 2005. Only one of 544 subject entries was a fail compared to none last year.

For GCSEs 72.3% of all grades achieved by the pupils were A* or A, with a total number of 400 A*s.

Latymer Upper’s Head, Peter Winter, says: “It is always an enormous pleasure to see so many of our pupils thrilled by the successes they achieve and this year is no exception. We are very proud of them and are delighted that they are now qualified to progress to some of the country’s best universities.”

On the GCSE results the school's Head said, " This cohort of GCSE students entered a total of 1,363 exams, which is our largest ever number - that makes their achievement all the more impressive.”

A Level students from Latymer also took part in an exercise in which they were given a 1987 exam paper. One student, Matthew Romu from Acton, despite getting an A-grade in this year's maths A level only managed a U grade in the 1987 paper. The highest mark achieved by any of the three students who entered was an E grade.

Matthew was reported as saying, "In this paper there were some things I hadn't studied. They were very different, the way questions were worded, and the questions themselves are a lot different."

August 25, 2005