Charges Against Cardinal Wiseman Head Dropped

Paul Patrick remains suspended until internal enquiries and audit are complete

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Police have dropped charges against Paul Patrick, head teacher of Cardinal Wiseman Roman Catholic school.

The popular head was arrested at his home in April on suspicion of expense fraud. The investigation was understood to have looked into school exchange trips to Cuba arranged by Mr Patrick which resulted in huge expense claims.

Following advice from the Crown Prosecution Service, investigating officers have decided not to press charges.

However, because police are still investing another 'less serious' matter, Mr Patrick remains suspended from his post.

A spokesperson for the school's Governing Body said that an internal investigation and an audit would take place as soon as police had completed their enquiries.

Mr Patrick, who is a member of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, has been credited with turning the school into one of London's best over his 12 years in charge.


August 28, 2009