Hounslow Needs New School Governors

To perform 'most important voluntary role in education'

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National charity School Governors One-Stop Shop (SGOSS) has teamed up with Hounslow Council in a drive to recruit new school governors from local businesses.

School Governors perform the most important voluntary role in education and a full, diverse governing body can be a source of enormous strength to a school. Schools are increasingly autonomous and are responsible for their own budgets, health and safety policies, recruitment issues etc. It can therefore add tremendous value if people with different skill-sets get involved.

The variety of issues a governor deals with also offers a fantastic opportunity for both personal and professional development. Research demonstrates that volunteer school governors develop skills in areas such as financial management, communication and strategic decision making.

Becoming a school governor is an excellent way to get involved in the local community and help ensure local children receive the highest standards of education possible. A governor does not need to be a parent nor do they have to have any specific skills or experience within education. Anyone aged over 18, who has an average of six to eight hours a month (during term time) to spare, can add tremendous value to a school’s governing body.

Anyone interested in this challenging and ultimately rewarding role, should contact Alison Young at the School Governors' One-Stop Shop on 020 7288 9542, or e-mail: alison.young@sgoss.org.uk.


June 3, 2009