Local Teachers Get Awards

Over 1,000 years of dedication acknowledged at ceremony

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Education chiefs have recognised more than a thousand years of teaching and educational experience at a special celebration.   Forty teachers and support staff from schools across the borough were honoured at the exclusive dinner, held at the Civic Centre, which was hosted by Director of Lifelong learning Robert Garnett and Councillor Colin Ellar.

Colin Ellar, executive member for lifelong learning, said the borough's parents should be proud of all those who have dedicated much of their teaching lives to schools across Hounslow.

�Over thirty or more years these teachers will have taught and guided thousands of young people, at all stages of their education, and made a massive impact on their futures.   Many of our teachers and support staff will have taught and helped more than one generation of many families over the years, and this longevity brings a consistent and knowledgeable approach that cannot be bought but yet is priceless.

Teaching in London can be very demanding, not least because of the varied circumstances of the population, which is why it is more important that we recognise and celebrate those who have made such a difference over such a long period of time.�

Amongst the celebrated numbers were :


Roy Devonshire, House Manager at Chiswick Community School

Roy started as Relief Caretaker in 1974 working in various schools began his current job in March 1987.

Sue Harrison, Headteacher Strand-On-The-Green Junior School                          

Sue started her career as a student teacher on a part-time basis in April 1974.   She has been at her present post at Strand-on-the-Green since 1994.


Roger Morgan, Assistant Headteacher, Gunnersbury Catholic School

Roger started at Gunnersbury in September 1973 after graduating from Manchester University.   Roger progressed to becoming Head of Sixth Form and Head of History in 1982.   Roger has been in his current post as Assistant Headteacher since 2002.

Gavin Brown, Teacher at The Green School For Girls

Gavin's first appointment teaching PE and Biology was back in September 1969.   In 1989 he became Deputy Head of Science at his current school.  

Gwyn Evans, Teacher at Isleworth & Syon School For Boys

Gwyn started his teaching career in September 1973 at Hounslow Manor School.   He moved to Isleworth and Syon in September 1989 where he is now Assistant Headteacher.

Kevin Hall, teacher at Isleworth & Syon School For Boys

Kevin also started teaching at Isleworth and Syon in September 1973 after qualifying.    He is currently Head of Sixth Form, a position he has held since 2001.

Christine Massey, Teacher Brentford School For Girls

Christine started teaching in September 1972.   She then worked in various schools for a time before joining Chiswick School in 1978 as an assistant teacher of Geography.   She transferred to Brentford School for Girls where she became Head of Geography as well as Head of Careers.  

April 6, 2004