MP congratulates local schools on receiving specialist status

Ann Keen hails move to specialise by Gunnersbury Catholic School and Isleworth and Syon

Two of Hounslow�s top secondary schools recenty awarded specialist status were visited by Ann Keen today. Gunnersbury Catholic School and Isleworth and Syon School for Boys, who will specialise in Science and Sport respectively, welcomed their MP and introduced her to staff, pupils and governors.

Specialist schools offer additional focus to their chosen subject area whilst continuing to meet National Curriculum requirements for all students. The schools also partner other local schools to share experiences and benefits.

The schools� new status means they will receive an extra £100,000 and an extra £123 per pupil for the next four years which will enable Gunnersbury to modernise and re-build their science laboratories and Isleworth and Syon to expand their sports provision.

Ann Keen said �The new funding is an incredible boost to the schools and will enable them to develop further their focus on sports and science benefiting the students. The work that has gone into obtaining this new funding and I was pleased to be able to support both schools applications with Ministers.�

July 11, 2003

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