'Free' Energy From Sleeping Policemen

Hi-tech electricity generators to be trailed on Ealing's roads

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Drivers could soon be providing the capital with 'free' electricity thanks to a new invention being trailed by Ealing Council.

The hi-tech road humps use the pressure of passing cars to create power which in turn can be used to run street lights, traffic lights and road signs.

“The ramp consists of plates that move up and down when vehicles drive over it, providing the kinetic energy to make a generator, situated below the plates, produce electricity.” explained a Council spokesperson.

The ramps invented by engineer Peter Hughes, will cost Transport for London approx £50,000 each. However, according to Hughes, "Drivers do not use more fuel crossing the ramps – it really is completely free power. With a steady flow of traffic, four of the ramps would be enough to power all the street lights, traffic lights and road signs for a mile-long stretch of street. The full potential of this really is absolutely enormous."

Work to install the sleeping policemen on the streets of Ealing is set to begin early next year.


December 12, 2008