In Defence Of The Queen's English

Society attempts to stem decline in standards of the spoken and written word


Plain Speaking or Linguistic Equivalent of Ethnic Cleansing? - Some councils ban use of Latin terms in hope of avoiding confusion

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The ban by certain councils of Latin terms prompted some interesting discussion on the forums. However, considering that today's English also contains 'text speak' and scatterings of that rather bizarre teenage lingo, it's little surprise that lovers of the English language are speaking out.

Like Joe Clifton who was so appalled at the "deplorable" decline in standards of English, Oxford graduate and schoolteacher Joe Clifton founded The Queen's English Society. With membership now over 1,000, clearly many have much to say about the English language and its use, or mis-use.

The society has a website which provides a paradise for pedants where answers to questions such as the correct use of the "most ill-treated creature in the English language" the apostrophe can be found.

The QES is a progressive society encouraging its members to blog."Blogging is now used widely to put out messages of all sorts and our sympathisers and supporters are taking to the idea. Why not try it yourself and remember, humour is absolutely fine!"

They also host a page on which they claim "no-one will want to appear" known as the QES Academy Rogues' Gallery. "If you do find your name here," they warn, "hang your head in shame because you are by definition a person of English mother tongue with a good education, and you occupy a public position in politics, TV, the press, public service or the like and should know better than to have said or written that which is being reported here. If this is your first offence, you may get off with a warning but let reoffenders beware!"

Would never catch on on this website!

March 29, 2009