Clampdown on Clampers

RAC Foundation claims private clamping is "a breach of human rights"


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The private clamping of cars could breach human rights, the RAC Foundation has recently suggested. In their report, Dr Chris Elliot says clamping by private companies could also be illegal. "The Home Office is proposing a new licensing regime for private clampers but it is arguable that, if the release fee is unreasonable, their actions are incompatible with the Human Rights Act 1998, which demands that punishment should only come after a proper legal process."

The Home Office is currently holding discussions with the intention of tightening regulations concerning private clampers. These are a separate entity from the council parking attendants who look after on-street parking and public car parks.

The private clampers are employed by a landowner, in order to clamp any vehicles which are on their land without permission and charge the owner for the removal of the clamp.The RAC Foundation wants someone to challenge this law in the law courts, or for the government to set out a new legislation concerning the legal rights of private clampers and those who are punished by them.

July 15, 2009