As Changes To Parking Enforcement Come Into Effect

Motoring organisations are keen to advise motorists of new regulations

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Whether aware of the new regulations or not, some motorists will be in for a shock when they receive parking tickets in the post or tickets for offences they did not know existed.

The AA is keen to advise motorists of changes to parking enforcement which come into force on Tuesday April 1st on such details as being ticketed for parking at a dropped curb or half a meter from the pavement. The measure is to prevent the blocking of driveways and double parking, however, there are no street signs to indicate these offences so the AA hopes that the Parking Wardens who will be called Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO) will show some flexibility until the message gets across to motorists.

The new regulations state that a ticket can be issued by post if "the CEO had started to issue the PCN but did not have enough time to finish it or serve it before the vehicle was driven away." The AA believes that this could lead to more "ghost tickets" and ticketing of Blue Badge holders or people delivering or dropping off passengers.

Commenting, Edmund King, AA president said, "The changes bring some good news for motorists such as limiting wheel clamping to persistent offenders, lower fines for less serious offences, and giving the adjudicators powers to send cases back to local authorities.

"However, the last minute change in the law to allow the serving of parking tickets by post if the ticket was started is worrying. The AA believes in "real-time" tickets not "extra time" tickets and thinks it is crucial that a ticket is completed (not simply started) before the vehicle moves off. The Civil Enforcement Officer will not know if the driver is a Blue Badge holder and the driver will not know a ticket has been issued. Enforcement should be about prohibiting obstructive parking not about postal fines after the event.

"The AA will monitor the situation and will raise any concerns with Transport Minister, Rosie Winterton MP."

What are the main changes?

  • Parking Attendants become Civil Enforcement Officers . On street they will look little different as most are unlikely to have new uniforms.
  • There will be two levels of penalty – a 'lesser offence' for example, overstaying briefly at a parking meter, or a 'serious offence' for example, parking on a double yellow line. The penalty amounts charged will be different.
  • A penalty notice can be served by post if the enforcement officer has started, but not finished, issuing it.
  • Penalties can be issued for parking alongside 'dropped kerbs' or for 'double' parking – being half a metre out from the kerb.
  • The 50% discount period should be extended to 28 days if an informal representation is unsuccessful.
  • Parking adjudicators given power to 'send cases back' to local authorities.
  • Wheel clamping is to be reserved largely for persistent offenders. If it is used in other circumstances, clamping cannot take place for 30 minutes after the penalty is incurred.
  • Local authorities should produce annual transparent reports on their parking activities.

The new penalties


Serious offence

Lesser offence


£120 (£60)

£80 (£40)

Outside London

£70 (£35)

£50 (£25)

(Figures in brackets represent 50 per cent discount)

March 28, 2008