Pay As You Go Parking In Ealing Broadway

Council trial new mobile phone method of payment

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No more rummaging around for change at Ealing Broadway for the pay and display machines, or dashing back laden with shoppping before tickets run out. As long as you''ve remembered your mobile...

Ealing Council has begun the trial of a scheme where people leaving their cars in the Springbridge Road multi-storey pay using their credit or debit card via their mobile phone.

You can carry on topping up your time while browsing for bargains or having a meal and won’t have to keep going back to put new tickets in their car window.

And just in case they lost track of time, you will get a text message warning at 15 minutes remaining to top-up.

Councillor Vlod Barczuk, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “This scheme will make a difference to people’s shopping experience in Ealing Broadway because they won’t be stressing out about getting back to their cars at a certain time.

“This will also be better for retailers in the town as people will then be more relaxed and spend more time at the shops.

“We have begun this scheme because it will give shoppers value for money, which is one of the Council’s three priorities. If it works well here, we will roll it out to other parts of the borough as well.”

Instructions on how to use the new scheme, called Ring-go, are posted around the car park. People can use it straight away and do not have to register first.

Once someone pays for the parking on the phone, the information is sent straight to the parking attendants’ hand-held computers, so they are aware which cars have been paid for.

June 6, 2007