Parking Attendants to be Given Cameras

New measure aims to reduce disputed tickets

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Parking attendants in the Borough of Ealing are to be issued cameras as part of the new administration's drive to a fairer parking system. The measure was one of the recommendations that came out of Cllr. Gary Malcolm's parking consultation.

At a meeting last week when the Liberal Democrat Councillor (pictured right) for Southfield ward pressed the Head of Parking Services on CPZ matters, it was confirmed that the Council from 1st December will have parking attendants that carry digital cameras to photograph offences that people carry out.

Gary conducted a personal review of parking services after the events in Southfield where the Zone B renewal process was botched up, leaving many residents getting ticketed when they had paid for a permit but had not received them.

He said: “Many residents have been ticketed when they claim they have not broken any rules in recent years and rightly many people are frustrated at the council. Lib Dems believe that if parking attendants have cameras, this will ensure that they have to follow the rules. If residents believe they have not committed an offence they will be able to look at the picture to clarify matters.”

The council meeting that Cllr Malcolm attended was called “Council, Business and Community Partnerships Standing Scrutiny Panel” and took place on Wednesday 1st November.

November 11, 2006