Councillor publishes damning report on Ealing's parking services

Gary Malcolm reveals residents numerous grievances

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Councillor Gary Malcolm, Lib Dem Transport Spokesperson, has published a report after investigating Ealing Council’s Parking Services which indicates that residents are not at all happy with the service they are getting.

The investigation was conducted after gaining feedback from residents and businesses in Ealing concerning the management of parking issues including Control Parking Zones, ticketing procedure and customer service levels.

The report outlined the main or common complaints:

  • Many residents paid the £40 parking fines when they to “get rid of the stress” even when they had been fined incorrectly.
  • Delays in residents receiving CPZ permits and then being fined while they awaited their permits.
  • Resident’s letters were either ignored or took too long to be answered. Difficult for residents to get answered via the phone as it was too busy.

According to Cllr Malcolm, The main recommendations for the council to consider are:

  • To introduce a trial where digital cameras are used to photograph offences. This will reduce the incidence of errors by parking attendants.
  • Make the literature easier to understand and less legalistic so that residents can understand why a ticket was dispensed.
  • Letters to Parking Services be replied promptly to residents who are querying a matter or making a complaint.

Cllr Gary Malcolm, said: “Lib Dems in Ealing receive many, many complaints from residents about parking issues. My investigation has shown the council needs to sort things out. One way is for parking attendants to have digital cameras which will reduce errors made by parking attendants.“

Gary added: “I thank all of those residents who contacted me with comments. I will be pressing the council to make changes so people get a better deal.”

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February 9, 2006