Council Clears Up Confusion Over Visitors' Parking

Vouchers bought before January 1st 2011 still valid at old rates


All new prices, including those for residents' parking permits can be found at:

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Branded 'nothing short of scandalous' the rise in Ealing's CPZ visitor parking vouchers is set to go ahead from 1st January 2011. But for a number of residents, controversy over costs has been mixed with confusion over how the new system, which will charge 50p per hour up to a maximum of £3.50 per day, will be monitored and if existing vouchers will remain valid in the new system.

A spokesperson for Ealing Council said: "All vouchers purchased this year regardless of whether they are one hour, three hours or all day will be valid exactly the same next year. However, any vouchers the Council has remaining at the end of this year will be charged at the new price next year.

She went on to clarify that "A three hour voucher purchased this year will still be valid for three hours next year and there will be no difference whether the price has increased or not. If an all day voucher was purchased this year but displayed or used next year it will still be valid all day. Residents won't be charged extra for purchasing earlier."

"This is something parking will just deal with," she added.

One resident complained that the Council did not make it clear how the new system will be monitored. She said: "The present warden arrangements consist of a visit at infrequent intervals by a man who drives down the road at 20 mph and cannot possibly see whether or not there is a valid permit and maintain safe driving at the same time. What point in charging 50p per hour if there is no proper supervision and I would challenge anyone to confirm that this is possible?"

The Council spokesperson said that there would not be any extra staff deployed to monitor the new system. "They should be able to still cover the same beats with the same amount of staff with the new system in place" she said.

Currently there are several different vouchers in operation - some are all day and others are for three hours. The council is now moving to a 50p hourly rate which they say will help those who are only parking for a short time.

The current all day visitor's voucher cost residents £1. From 1st January 2011 the same voucher will cost up to £3.50.

All new prices, including those for residents' parking permits can be found at:

December 16, 2010