Local opinion sought on parking issues

Make your views heard via on-line survey

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Parking is one of the most contentious issues facing residents of West London.

Be it Community Parking Zones, parking meter or permit charges, every motorist and home owner has an opinion. Now you can make that opinion count in an on-line parking survey.

Formulated by local company Benchpoint, this electronic survey has been designed to enable local people to express their views on a wide range of parking issues.

It is 'branched' which means that respondents will follow different threads depending on answers given. All responses are anonymous and individuals cannot be identified.

This survey has been prompted by The London Assembly who is holding an enquiry into the parking regimes across London and asking whether restrictions are needed and if the enforcement is fair.

The survey will provide fully analysed data which will be published here and the findings passed on to Ken Livingstone.

The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. To take part, click on this link.

January 24, 2005