Don't block disabled crossing points

with new powers from now on - it's a ticket.....

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Inconsiderate drivers who park their cars across driveways or block disabled access facilities at street corners are being warned to expect a ticket from now on.

The council has been granted new powers to penalise drivers who park dangerously on street corners, block driveways or prevent wheelchairs and baby buggies from using the dropped kerb facilities at road junctions.

Until now the council could only enforce these contraventions if there was a yellow line restriction in force. In the absence of a yellow line, only a Metropolitan Police traffic warden or constable could penalise the driver.

Motorists are now being advised to steer clear of blocking driveways and dropped kerbs and to avoid parking dangerously on corners if they don't want to be fined.

As well as being inconsiderate, drivers who obstruct dropped kerbs put wheelchair users and parents with prams or buggies at greater risk by forcing them to use the carriageway to negotiate a junction.

Motorists who park on junctions also obstruct sightlines and make it more difficult and dangerous for other vehicles to safely turn corners.

Wandsworth's cabinet member for regeneration and transport Guy Senior said: "Most people park very safely and show proper consideration for other road users and pedestrians. However, there is a hardcore of drivers who think they can park anywhere they like without any regard for others.

"Sadly these people will not think twice about parking right on street corners or blocking off driveways. Parking right on a street corner is inherently dangerous. It severely limits roadspace for other drivers who are turning into or exiting a side road and makes a collision much more likely to happen.

"It also blocks off the dropped kerb facilities which are vitally important for people in wheelchairs. They could find themselves literally stranded on the pavement until the car is moved, while mums and dads who have babies in pushchairs will often have to walk out onto the main carriageway if they want to cross the junction.

"Sadly there are far too many drivers who are either too lazy or don't have enough common sense to avoid parking at these locations. It would be better if they woke up to the dangers they pose before they start getting parking tickets."

An information leaflet highlighting the dangers of corner parking is available by telephoning 020 8871 8046.

October 7, 2004