Overground Services: Mayor Answers Questions

Murad Qureshi asks questions about timetabling and other issues

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At the Mayor's Question Time session of the London Assembly on 17 March 2010, Assembly Member Murad Qureshi (who attended the public meeting at The Rocket) asked a number of questions about the North London Line. They were all answered later in writing,and have now been published. Here are the Mayor's answers:

Here are the written answers to the questions that Murad Qureshi asked about London Overground at the Mayor's Question Time on 17 March 2010:

North London Line Frequency
Question No: 1266 / 2010
Murad Qureshi:
What will be the frequency (peak and off-peak, week days and weekends) of trains on each section of the North London Line by the end of 2011?
Answer from the Mayor:
London Overground plans to run the following services:
Richmond – Willesden Junction, 4 times per hour
Willesden Junction – Camden Road, 6 times per hour
Camden Road – Stratford, 6 times per hour (8 times per hour in peak hours, Monday – Friday)
These frequencies will apply each day from 06.30 to 22.00 (with slightly later start times on Saturday and Sundays, or as Network Rail maintenance requirements allow), and are due to start with the introduction of the new timetable in May 2011.
Sunday Service on the North London Line

Question No: 1267 / 2010
Murad Qureshi:
At a public meeting of the Churchfields' Residents Group in Acton recently I was shocked to learn about the extent of the planned closures on the North London Line this year. In view of the delays to Network Rail's resignalling of the North London Line, will you ensure TfL provides a train service on the line on those Sundays when Network Rail cannot now make use of the closures for resignalling work?
Answer from the Mayor:
The complex upgrade work on the Richmond to Stratford line inevitably require a mix of weekend and longer term closures between now and the start of improved services in May 2011. Closures are carefully considered and are only taken when absolutely necessary. When no works take place, TfL will always expect its operator LOROL to run train services.
Delayed Signalling work on the North London Line

Question No: 1268 / 2010
Murad Qureshi:
Resignalling of key parts of the North London Line is necessary for the increased frequencies promised for the Olympics and thereafter. In view of the signalling design problems at Network Rail that Ian Brown reported to the TfL Board, what assurances do you have that signalling work will be completed in 2011? Do you have a completion date for the signalling work?
Answer from the Mayor:
We are assured by Network Rail that all of the necessary work will be completed to allow the full upgraded Overground service to operate as planned from May 2011.
Compensation for Passengers of the North London Line
Question No: 1269 / 2010
Murad Qureshi:
How will you compensate those passengers who are being hugely inconvenienced by the planned extensive closures on the North London Line?
Answer from the Mayor:
I am acutely aware that the upgrade programme can be highly disruptive to passengers. However closures continue to be necessary for work to bring much needed enhancements to the London Overground network. During these times, the priority is to offer alternative transport options so that customers can still get around London, as well as ensuring that travellers know in advance about the works and why they are being carried out.

In addition to a rail replacement bus service, for the first time, London Overground passengers who have to make a detour through Zone 1 due to engineering works on their usual route, may be entitled to a refund of their extra travel costs. Passengers have been asked to check refund
arrangements and conditions on leaflets available at London Overground stations, or contact the Oyster Helpdesk on 0845 330 9876 for advice.

TfL does not have any plans to offer 'compensation' to passengers. Any funding used for this purpose would be taken directly from the money available for investment in improved services - improvements that ultimately benefit passengers.

March 26, 2010