Queen Charlotte's project lauded

Hospital's redevelopment selected for special recognition

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The redevelopment of the former Queen Charlotte Maternity Hospital site has been selected for special recognition, as part of an ODPM award for sustainable communities.

The £22 million redevelopment has allowed for another maternity hospital in the area, 234 new homes, including social housing, shared ownership and key worker homes, refurbishment of a listed building on the site, an extra care sheltered scheme and a community health centre.

The site was short listed into the final 18 in the country, from more than 140 schemes originally submitted.

The project, was given special recognition because of the entry’s strength in many of the awards assessment criteria and will feature as part of the commemorative award brochure.

LBHF's Cabinet member for regeneration, Councillor Dame Sally Powell, said the project was a fine example of the council’s commitment to fostering innovative regeneration projects which benefit the community.

“The site is environmentally sensitive, buildings are well-constructed, planning and housing is socially inclusive and local training and job opportunities were created during construction,” she said.

Deputy Mayor of London, Nicky Gavron, on visiting the scheme stated  “It is a great example of a sustainable and mixed community. I was really impressed to see that a high proportion of the new homes have been reserved for local NHS staff - they can live close to where they work and it keeps the link with Queen Charlotte’s Hospital.”


February 27, 2006