Perfect Score for Wellesley Road surgery

How does your doctor in Chiswick rank in newly published tables?

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About the Framework
GP surgeries are paid according to how many points they score
Points are awarded according to how well the surgery has performed, with 1,050 points up for grabs, out of:
550 for good clinical care
184 for surgeries that are well organised
100 for patient experience
36 for surgeries that provide extra services, such as some jabs


For the first time ever figures have been published showing the relative performance of GP's surgeries in England and a Chiswick surgery is one of a small number in the country to achieve a perfect score.

The Wellesley Road surgery managed a score of 100% but there were also close to perfect marks for Dr. Venkatsham's and Dr. Hughes's surgeries at the Chiswick Health Centre and Dr. Bhatt's practise at the Southfield Medical Centre.

The average score achieved nationally was 91% with most local surgeries scoring well above that and thereby gaining bonus payments to help provide funds.

The ranking system which is called the Quality and Outcomes framework is a voluntary process that awards surgeries points for clinical care, patient experience, practice organisation and extra services, such as child immunisations, it may offer.

GPs' payments are calculated based on how many points they score out of a possible 1,050, each point earning surgeries £77.50. The final sum paid to practices is also adjusted to take account of their workload and the relative health of patients in their area.

Health Minister Lord Warner congratulated GPs saying, "The high scores show that the new GP contract we put in place last year is proving successful in giving practices a real incentive to improve the quality of care for NHS patients and to provide a wide range of services locally."

NHS Alliance chairman Dr Michael Dixon said, " we should all be proud of what GPs and primary care have achieved. General practice in this country is the envy of the world and we should celebrate it.”

The high scores achieved by GPs could mean further financial problems for local Primary Care Trusts as they mean that an extra £200 million will have to be found to pay bonuses compared to what was expected.

Some GPs have expressed concerns that the tables may be an unfair way to compare surgeries and will mislead people about the best place to get quality care.

Doctor's Name Surgery Name Address QOF Total Points Achieved TOTAL QOF POINTS ACHIEVED / AVAILABLE POINTS %
BURBIDGE NV The Wellesley Rd Surgery 7 Wellesley Road Chiswick W4 4BJ 1,050.0 100.0%
VENKATESHAM G Chiswick Health Centre Fishers Lane Chiswick W4 1RX 1,046.0 99.6%
BHATT VB Southfield Medical Centre 89 Southfield Road Bedford Park W4 1BB 1,044.7 99.5%
HUGHES GV The Chiswick Health Ctr Fishers Lane Chiswick W4 1RX 1,044.1 99.4%
WILLIAMS GM Grove Park Terrace Surg. 25 Grove Park Terrace Chiswick W4 3JL 1,041.4 99.2%
KUKULSKI Z Crossley House Surgery Sutton Lane North Chiswick W4 4HF 1,039.3 99.0%
HUNT SM Grove Park Surgery 95 Burlington Lane Chiswick W4 3ET 1,035.0 98.6%
WEBER AM Southfield Medical Centre 89 Southfield Road Bedford Park W4 1BB 1,030.7 98.2%
GARDINER CA 1 Glebe Street Chiswick W4 2BD 1,017.0 96.9%
HEINSHEIMER RJ Chiswick Health Centre Fishers Lane Chiswick W4 1RX 1,016.9 96.8%
MOUSSA R Chiswick Health Centre Fishers Lane Chiswick W4 1RX 1,005.3 95.7%
THAKRAR NA Holly Road Medical Centre 2A Holly Road Chiswick W4 1NU 1,005.0 95.7%
YIN SOE MYAT 253 Acton Lane Bedford Park Chiswick W4 5DG 885.8 84.4%
KEEN JW The Bedford Park Surgery 55 South Parade Bedford Park W4 5LH 484.1 46.1%


September 2, 2005