Local Tories propose overhaul of mobile masts law

Councillors would be given back control over mast siting

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Alexander Northcote, the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Brentford & Isleworth (pictured right) has welcomed his party's proposals to change the laws relating to the granting of planning permission for mobile phone masts.

A new Conservative policy would mean that all masts require full planning permission. The suggestion comes amid warnings that with the introduction of 3G technologies, there could be an estimated 100,000 more masts being sited across the country, in addition to new ‘Tetra’ and Network Rail masts.

The policy is called: ‘You decide where they go’. At the moment it is impossible to object to planning permission for the siting of a mast on health grounds as the Government argues that there is no evidence available of any negative impact.

Northcote explained: “The erection of poorly-located masts has been causing considerable disquiet. There is a presumption in favour of development inherent in the current planning system, which overrides local, environmental and safety concerns.”

The Conservatives would allow local councillors to have the final say on mast siting and allow Council to take into account health considerations.

Northcote added: “We all want to be able to use a mobile phone, but this doesn’t mean masts should be constructed without any regard for the well-being of local people. Conservatives will champion the interests of local residents and address the feelings of powerlessness and frustration experienced by those living under the threat of badly sited masts.”

August 25, 2004