Mary Macleod Keeps Campaign Up For Tube Stop

Wants Transport Secretary to get involved in Piccadilly Line stopping at Turnham Green

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Local MP Mary Macleod has stepped up her campaign on the Piccadilly line by writing to the Transport Secretary, Rt Hon. Patrick McLoughlin MP, to ask him to help upgrade the line sooner and stop trains at Turnham Green during off-peak hours in the meantime.

In December last year, the Mayor of London gave a committment to stop Piccadilly line trains at Turnham Green tube station throughout the day. This is set to happen as soon as the Piccadilly line upgrade takes place but that will not be for several years.

Commuters in Chiswick remain frustrated after years of campaigning on the issue. Two petitions to TfL last year gathered over 14,000 signatures, the highest ever response to a consultation by the transport company.

It is believed that the upgrade of stock on the Line may begin in 2017 with the first new train coming into service by 2021 and the project completed by 2023.

Mary commented: “We won the argument over whether trains would stop at Turnham Green, but residents want action quickly and I completely agree. That is why I am asking the Transport Secretary to intervene today.”

Mary also put a Parliamentary Question to the Leader of the House, Rt Hon. Andrew Lansley MP, seeking a statement on the possibility of upgrading the Piccadilly line sooner.

She said she would continue to put pressure on TfL to stop trains at off-peak hours as soon as possible so that residents could start to benefit from better transport links right away.

Piccadilly Line trains currently stop at Turnham Green Station from 10.30pm to 6.50am.

May 8, 2014