Ealing Liberal Democrat Leader's End Of Year Message

Councillor Gary Malcolm looks back ...and forward to 2016

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Cllr Gary Malcolm

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As the year comes to an end it is a good chance for us to look at ourselves and see how the world is affecting us.

A friend of mine was shot in the Paris Bacalan music venue and the threat of terrorism is still with us - but we should not let this unsettle us or turn against members of our community. Ealing is highly diverse but only together can we defeat terrorism. We must do what they don't want us to do - go about our business as normal.

Looking locally, 2016 will be difficult for many. It follows a time where Labour-run Ealing Council have cut more day centres and are due to reduce help for tens of thousands of residents which they received this year.

The Liberal Democrats in Ealing believe that residents should be consulted on important local issues like wheelie bins. Sadly our Council is to push ahead with these changes which will affect some areas, with small or no gardens, very badly.

In Ealing we have been successful in many places is having a low burglary rate so remember when you throw away your cardboard boxes for computers or Plasma TVs, you do not leave them in site of criminals who will be looking for victims.

As a new year resolution why not join or start up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Merry Christmas and a New Year period.

Councillor Gary's Malcolm



18th December 2015


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