Nine out of ten residents say no third runway

Last chance to sign petition against Heathrow expansion

Local residents have just a few days left to ensure their views on the third runway are heard loud and clear by the government.

If the proposals go ahead, planes will fly directly over Chiswick and Brentford with intensified and constant especially when aircraft are landing.

Local MP Ann Keen will hand in a petitions against the proposal but copies must reach her by first post 23 June. Copies of the petitIon have been sent to community groups, libraries and are available to download on the Hounslow Council website

A postcard survey last year found that 93.5% of residents who replied were against the runway and top concerns were noise, pollution and traffic congestion. Only 6.5% said they were in favour.

A third runway would mean:

  • Chiswick would be directly under the flightpath
  • There would be 500 extra flights a day, and a plane taking off or landing every 60 seconds
  • Every school in the borough affected by aircraft noise, disrupting lessons and playtime
  • Tens of millions of pounds would be needed to noise insulate schools and some would be so affected they would need rebuilding
  • Some parts of the borough already have the worst air pollution in the country - a runway would mean that 21,000 more people will be exposed to nitrogen dioxide levels which exceed EU limits

Results of residents survey 2002/3

Chiswick 768 (96%) 27 (4%) 795
Isleworth 609 (96.5%) 22 (3.5%) 631
Brentford 334 (95%) 17 (5%) 351
Bedfont 150 (94.5%) 9 ( 4.5%) 159
Cranford 233 (85%) 42 (15%) 275
Hanworth 102 (93%) 8 (7%) 110
Hounslow 451 (89.5%) 52 (11.5%) 503
Heston 322 (91%) 32 (9%) 354
Feltham 217 (93%) 16 (7%) 233
TOTAL 3186 (93.5%) 225 (6.5%) 3411

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