Hounslow Homes wins 'Oscar' for care

But residents set up web site alleging 'mismanagement'

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Freephone repairs call centre is 0800 389 9821.

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Hounslow’s Home Care service has been nominated for two prestigious awards in the industry’s “Oscars”. The Ceretas National Home Care Awards are unique to this sector and recognises excellence.

Hounslow’s In-house Home Care service, which passed a Government inspection last year with flying colours, has been short-listed in the “Home Care Innovator” and “IT Innovator” categories.

Sue Spurlock, Assistant Director of Community Care for Hounslow Council, said, “We are very proud of our Home Care service, which has been recognised by the Government for the high standards it meets."

However some residents of properties maintained by Hounslow Homes take a very different view on their management company.

A spokesperson for an organisation that call themselves Borough Watch said, "We are a collective of individuals who, having been for years continuously and consistently dismayed at the increasingly wasteful and, in many instances harmful, effects of the mismanagement of the real estate assets belonging to the London Borough of Hounslow and maintained on its behalf by Hounslow Homes, have decided enough is enough."

"In an attempt to raise visibility of what, up to now, London Borough of Hounslow, Hounslow Homes and their contractors have been able to get away we have set up boroughwatch.blogspot.com and all within the Borough are hereby invited to contribute. Please note that no libelous or defamatory material will be posted and all additions are moderated prior to publication. Only evidenced facts, pictures and statements will be posted."

In response to the blogspot a spokesperson for Hounslow Homes said "We have a freephone number to allow easy reporting of repairs and we have a very high satisfaction with the repairs service. While we do not receive many complaints, we treat them seriously and work hard to resolve all the issues raised. Over the years we have received a number of complaints from the person who we understand has set up this blogspot and have endeavored to deal with them properly each time. Should they have further complaints then we will deal with any issues as soon as they raise them with us."

April 8, 2006