Only 55% of Local Pupils Get Into First Choice of School

Drop from last year's figure and well below London average


Schools in Hammersmith and Fulham

School for Scandal - only 62% of pupils get first choice of school


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Just 55% of children in Hammersmith and Fulham have gained admission to their first choice of secondary school.

This is a drop from last year's figure of 62% , when a spokesman for Hammersmith and Fulham Council admitted: " The figure for children getting their preferences isn't as high as we would like."

It is also lower than the average of two thirds, or just under 66%, across London as a whole. Statistics released by the Pan-London Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme show that in our borough, 55.47% were offered their first preference, 16.23% were offered second, 8.25% third, 2.95% fourth, 2% fifth and .87% were offered their sixth preference.

This means that overall, just under 86% of pupils were offered one of six preferred choices, leaving 14% who were not.

However, Hammersmith and Fulham Council is keen to point out that the vast majority of children were
offered one of their first three choices. Councillor Sarah Gore, cabinet member for children's services, says: "The number of parents in Hammersmith & Fulham applying for places in our schools is up, which reflects their growing popularity.

" Places have been offered to more pupils living in the borough than last year and while the percentage of pupils getting into their first choice school was down slightly at 55% this year, 80% got one of their top three choices. This is the same as last year."

The council also emphasises that the number of school places in the borough is growing, with Lady Margaret, Sacred Heart and Fulham Cross schools all adding 150 extra places.   "We want to continue to ensure that more H&F pupils get into their top choice school next year and beyond," says Sarah. "We are expanding our most popular schools and we will be opening the brand new Hammersmith Academy in 2011, which will mean more places."

She adds: " The radical programme of improvement in secondary schools which we started in 2006 is now producing real benefits for both parents and pupils. This year's GCSE exam results were up 8.5%, with an amazing increase of 22% of pupils at Fulham Cross Girls’ School pupils achieving five or more A*-Cs, including English and Maths.

" The new federation between Fulham Cross and Henry Compton schools is bringing positive changes, including a new drama centre and a language building, and sixth forms are being created in all our schools."

To local parents who are unhappy with their offers, she has this advice:   "If parents didn't get the place they had hoped for they will have been advised in a letter that they have the right to appeal and also where there may still be places available.

" Help and advice is available through our admissions service on: 020 8753 2627 or 020 8753 3628 or 020 8753 3664, or via email  ."  

March 4, 2010