There's a rat in the kitchen...

Anonymous tip-off results in local restaurant being closed down


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Council officers smelt a rat last week when they inspected the Oottupura Restaurant in King Street, following an anonymous tip-off.

Whilst inspecting the premises, officers from the Hammersmith & Fulham's Public Protection and Safety division spotted large numbers of rat droppings in the food storage area and a rat running through the restaurant. They were so concerned by this risk to public health that they served a notice on the owners which meant they had to close immediately.

The council then applied for a order from the courts to back up the notice. West London Magistrates Court granted the order on Friday 7 October under section 12 of the Food Safety Act 1990. This means that the shop must remain closed until the health risk has been removed.

Mr Nambiar, the proprietor of the restaurant at 206 King Street, must display the order in the window of the restaurant, and call in a pest control company to ensure the problem is removed and does not return.

Councillor Michael Cartwright, cabinet member for environment, said "Our Public Protection and Safety team puts the wellbeing of residents and visitors top of its list of priorities, and acts immediately to close down any premises which are deemed a health risk. We are keen to help good food businesses comply with the law, but will come down hard on food premises that are dirty or put the public at risk.

"Rats have no place in any kitchen and I hope this restaurant will learn their lesson and act immediately if they notice the first signs of infestations in the future. I would also urge residents to contact the council if they have any concerns about hygiene or food safety in their local shops and restaurants - it's this kind if information that helps us to deal with infestations before serious harm is done."

October 12, 2005