Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Lib Dem Transport Spokesperson gets on his bike to set an example

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Southfield Ward Councillor Gary Malcolm recently took a course in cycling training after buying a bike. He wanted to learn how to cycle safely so he can commute to work and get fitter.

The training session was conducted one-to-one with a qualified instructor and lasted two hours, riding on and off the road to gain the skills needed to cycle safely on roads.

A list of the main topics covered in the training session included:

1. Checking how to make sure your tyres, gears and seat are all set up correctly so you can cycle comfortably as well as safely.
2. Tips on using gears to get the best in different conditions and surfaces.
3. How to do an emergency stop and swerve objects (i.e. potholes).
4. How and when to look safely behind you so you can check there is no dangers when turning
5. How to safely cycle one-handed when signaling to let drivers behind know you are moving or turning.
6. Where to position yourself so you can see other road users and so that others can see you.
7. How to start quickly from a standing start.
8. Passing slow moving or parked traffic safely.
9. Turning into a major road from a minor road to avoid dangerous situations.
10. Cycling on multi-lane roads like the Uxbridge Road

Cllr Gary Malcolm, Lib Dem Transport spokesperson, said “I have not cycled for about 15 years since I had a bad cycling accident as a child. I am taking cycling lessons to learn how to cycle properly so I can get to and from work quickly and safely. Ian, the cycling instructor, was superb and showed me how to cycle better, cutting out some of the mistakes I would have made without any training.“

Gary added “I encourage everyone who would like to cycle to book a lesson. You will love it! I was so impressed I am taking another lesson in a few weeks to become better at cycling on busy roads where there are roundabouts and more traffic.”

September 25, 2006