"development that doesn�t cost the earth"

What is �excellent development�?

An internet-based charity with 18 years experience that supports tree planting to promote both conservation and development to benefit disadvantaged communities.

Why is �excellent development� different?

In the USA an estimated 100 million trees a year are cut down to create all the direct mail appeals sent to the public by charities. We only raise money from the public over the Internet and almost all our communications are electronic too. We are a low-paper, low-energy use charity with low administration costs, maximising the amount of money going to our tree planting and development activities.

What�s the problem?

Due to their vital role in nature, a lack of trees causes environmental degradation resulting in hunger, thirst and fuel shortages for people living in disadvantaged areas.

What�s so special about trees?

Trees counteract "the effects of erosive, torrential rainstorms and infertile soils. Their roots anchor the earth. Their canopies protect it from the sweep of the winds and the splash of the raindrops. They draw up nutrients from deeper soil layers and deposit them by leaf fall on the surface, increasing the organic content of the soil, improving its fertility, its permeability for plant roots, its capacity to hold water. Trees increase the filtration of rain into the soil, raising water tables and reducing destructive run-off." Paul Harrison in "The Greening of Africa"

What are we doing?

Planting two million trees in partnership with disadvantaged communities in Africa by 2010, supported by an infrastructure of small-scale dams and water tanks.

What will it achieve?

- Provide food, fuel and environmental improvement to disadvantaged areas.

- Protect endangered species of trees and sources of traditional medicine.

- Provide water for people, animals, tree nurseries and other crops.

- Provide employment, training and income generating opportunities for local people.

- Offset worldwide CO2 emissions.

How can I help?

� Provide TreeReliefTM donations to support our tree planting for £2.50 a tree.

� Pay an annual TreeDutyTM of £37.50, which will plant enough trees to offset the CO2 emissions you create through travel and heating & lighting your home.

� Offer Marketing, Fundraising or Internet development support.

Contact simon@excellentdevelopment.com or phone him on 020 8568 7118

Visit our website at: www.excellentdevelopment.com