Too Busy To Lose Weight?

Research suggests we don't have the time for a healthy lifestyle

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Britons are fat and getting fatter because the don’t have time to diet according to a new survey.

Lifestyle weight-loss specialists All About Weight contacted 1,230 people and found the stumbling block was lpressure of time.

“We have extensively surveyed prospective dieters who have contacted us but who have not enrolled on one of our weight-loss programmes,” said Alison Wetton, founder and CEO of All About Weight.

Potential dieters were emailed ten questions with tick box answers.

Overwhelmingly, the responses pointed to busy lifestyle and lack of time as the reasons behind leaving a diet on the back-burner or stopping exercising.

•The question ‘have you lapsed on a fitness programme in the last three months because of pressure on your time’ solicited the highest number of affirmative replies (64%).
•Lack of time (40%) was blamed for not preparing healthy food choices at home.
•38% of respondents didn’t think that they had enough time to shop for healthy food choices.
•Stress at work was a contributing factor for 32% respondents to reach for convenience foods.
•23% respondents confirmed that they thought that a busy lifestyle was the reason they ate too many comfort foods.

“All About Weight focuses on ’lifestyle nutrition’, promoting the right attitudes towards food and lifestyle,” said Alison Wetton. “The correct nutrition is vital to successful weight-loss and lifestyle changes. But, of course, you need to stay motivated to weight-loss and find a little time for your programme.”

August 4 2010