Police Seek Help with Their Missing Person Unit

One Phone Call Could Save Valuable Time

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Hounslow Borough Police's missing persons investigation unit deals with all enquiries into finding people reported missing. The circumstances behind reports of missing persons are many and different. From young people to elderly, patients from hospital to people just, having arrived in the country under varying circumstances.

The unit has a statutory responsibility to investigate reports of missing people. They are graded according to the risk that. This risk is assessed on a number of factors, which vary from age, illness, circumstances of going missing, previous reports etc and go from Low Risk to High Risk. A high risk missing person report will take priority over most police matters, and detract resources from other police activities like investigating serious assaults and robbery to reassurance patrols temporarily, this is how serious we take these reports.

A spokesperson for Hounslow Police said “The most frustrating is that a great deal of these reports and resources by MPU could be reduced by simple measures, particularly amongst young people.”

“Phone home! Or get a friend or contact or phone a neighbour. Let parents, care home, school etc know you are ok.”

“You can also phone the MPU on the number below for help, advice and guidance, we are here to make sure you are ok. The reason why you have not gone to school or gone out with out permission or not returned are several and we’ve all been youngsters once, so we understand. What is not understood though is the resources that are go into and are diverted from elsewhere to find missing people.”

“Both Sergeant Andy Kemp and myself are willing to advise and offer guidance to organisations within the local community and parents about dealing with children who go missing. We will always respond to these reports, however one simple phone call could help us immensely!”


April 13, 2007